Lose Weight, Make Money - Just Like These People

“I knew I could be at 300 pounds within months,” recalls Teresa Suarez, as she recalled how she began gaining weight before she decided to take charge and turn her life around.

“The fact that my clothes aren’t plus size anymore is huge.” The BMI states that her body is “no longer morbidly obese — that’s a great boost!”

Last December, Teresa weighed 266 pounds. It was time for a serious transformation.

“It was traumatic to see the scale say 266 … I was depressed and constantly getting hurt.”

Teresa turned to a gym, as she believed tiring herself there would set her on the path to weight loss. Alas, it did not work. “I basically paid to not go to the gym for two years.” Teresa was looking for something more from her weight loss ritual. Something to boost her motivation.

And then, she was piqued by an interesting article on Facebook, which talked about a mechanism to earn money by losing weight. That is how her journey with HealthyWage began.

Six months later, on October 22, 2016, Teresa had lost 68 pounds — 8 pounds more than her goal!

What pushed her to attain her goal this time? HealthyWage! She was provided with a platform where she could place a bet regarding meeting her weight loss goal. She not only lost weight but also earned a lot of money. Two birds, one stone!

She set a goal of losing 60 pounds in six months and she bet $125, monthly. What she got in return was successful weight loss and $2,415.28.

Get Paid to Lose Weight

We know it sounds like the perfect scam and tried to find out what the catch was. We spoke to many people who resorted to HealthyWage to reach their ideal weight, hoping to bust the case wide open. Our investigative skills gave us nothing in return as all of them confirmed the legitimacy of the website.

They have explained to us that it is a simple model. If you meet your weight loss goal within the defined timeline, the company pays you after they confirm your claims.

We have been keeping a track of the internet buzz on HealthyWage for a while and many have affirmed that they have won big money just by losing weight.

"I'm healthier, and I have a lot more money now!"

Caitlin McKenna won $3,180 by losing 63 pounds in nine months. And what’s more? She lost two pounds over her desired number.

Kimie Pruessner’s employer introduced her to HealthyWage and she is more than happy about it. She lost 50 pounds and earned $2,500 in 10 months.

Angela Harkins was on the lookout for some money to buy a new house. She was also on the path of doing something constructive for herself in life.

This is when she learned about how to get paid to lose weight through HealthyWage. Every month, she paid $50 for 18 months as she began the journey of losing 50 pounds.

She successfully attained her goal and earned $2,400, enabling her to make a down payment on a beautiful house.

“I’m healthier, and I have a lot more money now!” she says.

What Drives You to Hustle?

For Angela, the initial motivator was purchasing a house for which she required money. With time, she saw a positive effect on her drive and self-esteem. She began to get inspired and was driven by different aspects of her life that further motivated her to hustle.

She finally garnered adequate self-confidence to join a martial arts class. She had always wanted to learn this mode of self-defence, but her consciousness about her weight hindered her from acting on those desires.

Angela required a big push that would facilitate her weight loss successfully.

Betting money which she couldn’t afford to give up was the exact boost that she needed.

Even for Teresa, not losing money was the prime motivator in the entire weight loss process. This fear ensured that she positively transformed her lifestyle, without making any exceptions.

Though she has attained her desired number, her healthy lifestyle continues to work its magic on her weight.

Participating in the HealthyWage challenge “totally changed the way I think about eating and exercise,” she explains.

This is the underlying concept of this challenge.

HealthyWage is neither a weight-loss program nor a culture promoting diet habits. Though the inspired community offers several tips, recipes and stories, the company continues to remain a platform that facilitates your bet.

“It totally changed the way I think about eating and exercise.”

HealthyWage is all about you. You don’t believe us? Then hear us out. You make all the decisions. You choose your collateral and deposit it. You choose your desired weight goal and the timeframe in which it must be accomplished. You do your weight check-ins. You get rewarded by HealthyWage for reaching your goal. As Teresa had full control over her diet chart and work-out routine, the habits have sustained even after the challenge ended. “When I was on vacation in Cancun, I was doing lunges, crunches and burpees in my hotel room,” she states. “I can’t stand burpees, but now I do them.”

Here's How it Works

  1. Your first step is to enter the number of pounds you want to shed (10-150 pounds) at the HealthyWage Prize Calculator. Nothing in life comes easy, so the number entered must be at least 10% of your current weight. You must then enter the number of months you would want to take (six to 18 months) and the amount you are going to bet per month ($20-$150). The calculator instantly determines the prize money you will earn if you win the challenge, with a cap of $10,000. You can tweak the numbers entered until both the prize money and your goal are satisfactory. The perk with this step is you know the exact amount you could win, which is a great motivator and you can place your bet after being properly informed.
  2. You can then sign up and place your bet. You are required to agree to the condition of paying the bet amount every month.
  3. Start hustling, achieve your goal, and collect your rewards. It is mandatory to upload a video of your weigh-in at the beginning and the very end. To ensure you are not resorting to unhealthy or extreme means, HealthyWage also requires you to log weekly weigh-ins (no videos required).
  4. In the unfortunate scenario where you don’t reach your goal, your money is used by HealthyWage to reward someone who achieves their goal.

What are you waiting for? Enter your details in the HealthyWage Prize Calculator to get an idea about how much you can win!

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