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CoolSculpting at Home: Get Chiseled

CoolSculpting at Home: Get Chiseled
Can coolsculpting at home get you ripped abs? Maybe.

CoolSculpting at home is is a great way of reaping the benefits of CoolSculpting… at a fraction of the cost.

CoolSculpting is a  process that reduces fat thickness from targeted parts of the body. When fat cells are routinely exposed to the cold, they inflame and eventually die. Researchers have called it a “compelling alternative” to liposuction. But commercial CoolSculpting can cost anywhere between fifteen hundred and four thousand US dollars. Why waste all that money when coolsculpting at home can achieve the same results at next to no cost to yourself?

The only things you need for CoolSculpting at home are ice, water,  a bag to hold them in, and a device to keep a tab on your skin temperature. You can use a normal ziplock bag, but I don’t recommend these, as they are susceptible to leaking. What I recommend is going the extra mile and paying a little bit more for a hydration bag for camping. These are sturdier and don’t leak. To measure your skin temperature you can use a thermocouple, a device for measuring temperature attached to a wire, with multiple sensors. It’s more expensive, but a thermal camera works even better for the purposes of recording the patterns in temperature change. However, you have to remove the ice-water bag in order to use the thermal camera, so perhaps the thermocouple is the way to go.

What you need to do to perform CoolSculpting at home is fairly simple:

  • Fill your bag nearly to the top with ice
  • Top with chilled water
  • Ice the targeted area for one to three hours daily, refreshing the ice every hour
  • Make sure your skin temperature doesn’t drop below 2 C/35.6 f.

One of the many advantages of CoolSculpting at home is that you can do other things while treatment is ongoing, like watch TV, or read a book. Results start showing in a couple of weeks, and peak at about three to four months.

The risks of CoolSculpting at home are greater than CoolSculpting at an authorized commercial outlet. Frostbite is one of the largest risks. The risks can be be avoided by careful monitoring of the skin temperature, and by ensuring that only ice and water are used.  Do not use traditional gel packs or  blocks of solid ice, as they are dangerously cold for the human body when directly exposed to it for long time periods.

Another way of avoiding this risk is by placing a cloth between the ice and water bag and your skin for an initial period.  This allows your skin to adapt.

A second risk results from letting the skin warm too quickly after treatment. This can cause blisters. Make sure that you let the skin warm slowly, and don’t take a warm shower or actively try to warm the treated area. Though the risks are serious, they can be avoided by taking adequate precautions.

Overall Research has concluded that CoolSculpting at home is a relatively safe and effective alternative to liposuction. Give it a try!  Or go to our homepage to learn learn everything you neeed to know about freezing fat.

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