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Isavera Chin Sculptor

Isavera Chin Sculptor

Welcome to the Chin Sculptor

Welcome to the Isavera Chin Sculptor System! You’re about to begin your at home journey to fat freezing. In this guide, we’ll help walk you through how to use the system as well as detailed instructions on how to get the most out of it in the upcoming weeks — so you can look your best, regardless of how stubborn that fat is.  As a reminder, our team is always here to make sure you get the most out of your product, so if you need to contact us for any reason, feel free to reach out and we will be happy to help you.  

Do not begin without re-reading the disclaimer, warnings, and agreement. Consider using the body fat caliper and measuring tape to record your results as you go.


What's Included in Your Kit:

The following items should be included within your system.  If anything is missing / needs replacement, please contact us.  We are here for you.

  1. Neoprene Chin Wrap (Qty. 1)
  2. Dual-Action Gel Pack (Qty. 1)
  3. Chin Massager (Qty. 1)

*Colors may vary.


Instructions for use

Step 1: Prepare the Gel Packs


Place the gel pack in the coldest part of the freezer for a minimum of 24 hours.  Ideally have your freezer set to its coldest possible setting, or at least 0° F.

After 24 hours, examine the gel packs.  They should be slightly whitish in color and somewhat pliable.


Important Things to Consider:

  • If the gel pack is too firm, you may want to allow them to thaw at room temperature for ~2 minutes. It should be slightly flexible before being inserted inside the fat freezing wrap.
  • If your gel packs aren’t freezing, check proper placement and freezer temperatures. Our gel packs are not meant to be stacked and freeze at an ideal temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • In the future, you may find that a full 24 hours is not needed when freezing the gel packs.  The 24-hour initial freeze is designed so you can see what the the gels look like when fully frozen.
  • A properly frozen gel pack should be firm yet flexible.  When placed at the edge of a counter-top, it should not droop.  If you have any issues with our gel packs, please read our FAQ and feel free to contact us.
Chin Sculptor gel pack

Step 2: Insert Gel Packs into the Chin Wrap 

Lay the wrap on a flat surface, and insert the gel packs inside the fat freezing pouch. You will notice that there are two layers within each of the pockets. Begin with the outermost pockets for your first few sessions, as this will give your skin more time to get used to the cold (by providing two layers of insulation).

Gel Pack Inserting Chin Sculptor

NOTE: Our gel packs are specially designed for fat-freezing, meaning they are formulated differently than traditional gel packs. After usage, do not leave thawed gel packs at room temperature for over 4 hours. Try to always keep your packs stored in freezer after initial use. Should you ever need replacement or extra packs, please contact us. We are more than happy to help.


Step 3: Securing the Crown Strap

Start off by taking the 2 longest parts of the wrap and bringing them up to the crown of your head. Afterwards, secure the crown straps by placing the left side down first, then securing right side on top.


WARNING: Do NOT over tighten. You’ll wan’t a comfortable fit that does not restrict your breathing. If you have difficulty breathing for any reason, remove the wrap immediately

Securing Chin Strap Crown

Step 4: Securing the Neck Strap

Once complete, reach for the neck straps and fasten the neck straps around your neck. Once again, do NOT over tighten. You’ll wan’t to tighten just enough to ensure a comfortable fit. 

Chin Sculptor Neck Strap

Step 5: Securing the Back Strap

After you have secured the other straps, the last step is to secure the back strap to prevent movement of the Chin Sculptor Wrap. 

To do this, take the back straps and bring them towards the crown of your head. Secure down the left strap first, followed by the right strap.

Chin Sculptor Back Strap Secure

Step 6: Skin Test + Begin Fat Freezing

The Skin Test

Your first objective is to test your skin’s reaction to the product.

To do this, make the duration of your first two treatments around 5 minutes with the outermost pockets.  Make the next three treatments around 10 minutes with the innermost (closest) pockets. This is to carefully test your skin’s response.

Your skin will flush (temporarily).  If any other reactions occur, discontinue all use of the product and contact us before proceeding.

Begin Fat Freezing

Once you’re confident with cold exposure, slowly extend your sessions to 60 minutes.

Be sure to check your skin throughout the process.  We recommend every twenty minutes.

The gel packs are designed to liquefy quickly.  Within 15 minutes they will reach a temperature equilibrium and begin to wick heat into the gel medium.  Temperatures should remain stable for around 30 minutes.

Wearing Chin Sculptor

Step 7: Massage Treated Area

Post-treatment massage is critical.  One fat freezing study showed a manual massage made fat freezing 68 percent more effective [1].

Here’s How

After each full session, apply a liberal amount of body lotion to the treated area and gently massage with the face massager (or hands) for 1-2 minutes.  Roll the massager back and fourth on the target area. This will help break up the crystallized fat cells that were damaged by the cold.

Keep in mind that the objective is to target the top of the subcutaneous fat layer with each treatment.  Because of this, the massage tool does not require much pressure.  Excessive pressure (without lubrication) can cause bruising.

Many customers also see quicker and more effective results when Isavera products are used alongside  a proven diet program. We’ve found HealthyWage to be the most effective way to diet because it helps create healthy habits by social encouragement and goal-based incentives.  HealthyWage allows you to earn money by losing weight.


Your Fat Freezing Routine:

Wear the product 3 times per week (on the same area), for 10-12 weeks. Initial changes (in some individuals) can be seen in 3-6 weeks, but most results will begin to show at around 12 weeks and onward.  The process takes patience due to the time required for the lymphatic system to flush out the damaged fat cells.

Conducting daily treatments (on the same area) may cause inflammation and make it difficult to track results.

Chin Massaging

Additional Hints and Tips

  • Be sure to wipe down excess water/condensation that may exist on the gel packs after use. It is best to keep the gel packs as dry as possible to avoid moisture within the product. Always air-dry the wrap in a dry, well-ventilated area.
  • Some users prefer to freeze the entire product without removing the gel packs every time. If you choose to do this, be aware of condensation and wipe the product down after every use.
  • Never allow the frozen part of the gel packs to touch your skin (of treated area). You do not need gloves to touch the gel packs.
  • If you have a smaller area to treat, consider removing one or two of the gel packs. (Arm, thigh and main product only).
  • Individual results will vary and are never typical. To make sure you can tolerate the cold and start the process slowly. If it becomes painful, remove the wrap immediately.
  • After wearing the product for 5 minutes, the packs will soften. This is normal. We recommend undoing the product and re-tightening as needed.
  • Slide your hand between the product and skin every 15 minutes. If any point the skin feels firm, remove the product and allow your skin to warm.
  • Although you can do activities using our products, we recommend you remain seated.
  • Be patient. Fat freezing takes time. The cold exposure will cause apoptosis (cell death), but it can take up to 12 weeks to begin seeing the body flush out the compromised fat cells.  Please make sure you have realistic expectations.
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