Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the most common questions our customers have asked us. If you have any other questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. We respond within 24 hours.

Am I required to work out while wearing your system?

No. It is best to keep your body temperature as low as possible.  Although diet and exercise are highly encouraged for a healthy lifestyle, we recommend minimal movement when wearing the system.

Are there any side effects?

You may experience any of the following side effects: tenderness to the touch after use (to the treated areas), tingling sensations on the treated areas, redness on the treated areas, and numbing sensation from the cold (usually subsides after 10 minutes).

These are all temporary and usually resolve within minutes.

Can the product cause ice burns?

Frostbite and ice burns occur at far lower temperatures than our wraps go to. Our products are also designed with a special layer of (velour) fabric that allows the cooling of the gel to pass without contact to the skin. We also have an optional protective nylon inner pocket that can be used if the single layer is uncomfortable.  When used a directed, you are completely safe. Please be careful to never place a gel pack directly on the skin.

Does your system work on any body type?

Our system uses a unique fat freezing process that works on almost all body types. Women who are pregnant should avoid using our system, but otherwise it is an effective process for anyone with stubborn pockets of fat under the skin. Our ideal candidate, however, is within 20% of their ideal body weight.

Does it hurt to wear your system?

The first few minutes can feel a bit cold. However, within about ten minutes your body will numb and adapt to the sensation.

How long will the results last?

Once you sufficiently cool the fat cells they will be removed from your body. However, in order to maintain these results and avoid new fat from forming, you must maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. If you gain weight there will be less cells in the targeted areas, making it harder to gain fat in those areas.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

Our system is not a weight loss system. It is a fat loss system. When you lose weight, you lose weight from all over your entire body. Our system targets specific areas. However, with exercise and the system’s cold-thermogenesis effects, you will likely lose some weight. Its primary purpose is to help you lose fat in stubborn areas. The amount will be quite minimal, but when measured as circumference (waist, thighs, etc) it will be noticeable.

How often can I use the system?

Although you can use the system daily, it is recommended that you do it 2-3 times per week when you are first starting. Wrapping it around the waist and thighs are the most popular places.  Anywhere else should be used with caution. By starting slowly, your body will begin to acclimate to the fat freezing process.

How will I know if it is working?

When you put the system on, the fat freezing technology will start working as soon as the area in question has reached the proper temperature and remained at that temperature for the appropriate amount of time. When you are done using it, the area should be cold to the touch and the skin should be red.

Is your product totally safe?

Yes, when used as directed there are no severely adverse or long term side effects.

What kind of results can I expect?

We cannot promise a standard set of results, and results will vary based on each user. However, we are confident that you will be happy with the results you get after using the product regularly. The results will be subtle but will show their full potential after 3-4 months.  This is because it takes some time for the fat cells to be purged from your body.

When can I use the system?

Our product is meant to be worn whenever you have the time. Such flexibility is what enables you to fit the fat freezing process into your busy schedule. However, you should avoid using it right after you have eaten, directly out of the shower, or immediately before, during, or after a workout.

The purpose of the system is to reduce your core temperature and encourage fat burning, and you do not want to do this at high body temperatures. Eating, for example, requires your core temperature to be around a certain level so that the digestive process can take place. During exercise, you want to increase your body temperature to help your blood flow and muscle growth. If you wear the system during these times, you will drop the body temperature at a critical time which can negatively impact things like exercise and eating. At the same time this will detract from the effectiveness of the system.