Frequently Asked Questions

No. It is best to keep your body temperature as low as possible.  Although diet and exercise are highly encouraged for a healthy lifestyle, we recommend minimal movement when wearing the system.

You may experience any of the following side effects: tenderness to the touch after use (to the treated areas), tingling sensations on the treated areas, redness on the treated areas, and numbing sensation from the cold (usually subsides after 10 minutes).

These are all temporary and usually resolve within minutes.

Our system uses a unique fat freezing process that works on almost all body types. Women who are pregnant should avoid using our system, but otherwise it is an effective process for anyone with stubborn pockets of fat under the skin. Our ideal candidate, however, is within 20% of their ideal body weight.

The first few minutes can feel a bit cold. However, within about ten minutes your body will numb and adapt to the sensation.

Once you sufficiently cool the fat cells they will be removed from your body. However, in order to maintain these results and avoid new fat from forming, you must maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. If you gain weight there will be less cells in the targeted areas, making it harder to gain fat in those areas.

Our system is not a weight loss system. It is a fat loss system. When you lose weight, you lose weight from all over your entire body. Our system targets specific areas. However, with exercise and the system’s cold-thermogenesis effects, you will likely lose some weight. Its primary purpose is to help you lose fat in stubborn areas. The amount will be quite minimal, but when measured as circumference (waist, thighs, etc) it will be noticeable.

Although you can use the system daily, it is recommended that you do it 2-3 times per week when you are first starting. Wrapping it around the waist and thighs are the most popular places.  Anywhere else should be used with caution. By starting slowly, your body will begin to acclimate to the fat freezing process.

The product will start working as soon as treated area has reached the proper temperature and remained at that temperature for the appropriate amount of time. When you are done using it, the area should be cold to the touch and the skin will likely be pink in color.

Yes, when used as directed there are no severely adverse or long term side effects.

We cannot promise a standard set of results, and results will vary based on each user. However, we are confident that you will be happy with the results you get after using the product regularly. The results will be subtle but will show their full potential after 3-4 months.  This is because it takes some time for the fat cells to be purged from your body.

Our product is meant to be worn whenever you have the time. Such flexibility is what enables you to fit the fat freezing process into your busy schedule. However, you should avoid using it right after you have eaten, directly out of the shower, or immediately before, during, or after a workout.

The purpose of the system is to reduce your core temperature and encourage fat burning, and you do not want to do this at high body temperatures. Eating, for example, requires your core temperature to be around a certain level so that the digestive process can take place. During exercise, you want to increase your body temperature to help your blood flow and muscle growth. If you wear the system during these times, you will drop the body temperature at a critical time which can negatively impact things like exercise and eating. At the same time this will detract from the effectiveness of the system.

We do not have enough data to give a confident answer on that.  Wearing the product(s) 3  times per week for the entire period seems to get results.  It simply takes time for your body to flush out the damaged fat cells, and over-wearing the product can have diminishing returns.  One option is that you can look at the reviews to see how other people have used our product.

Everyone’s body is different.  We believe using the product for extended periods of time will eventually lead to diminishing returns.  In other words, it will likely not work as well.  However, our product is fairly new so we will update this as we learn more.

After using the wrap, we highly recommend a simple massage in a circular (or rolling) motion for 1-2 minutes. Be very gentle. This helps break down the damaged fat cells. We highly recommend using a body lotion with the massager. The massager also works well in the shower for any areas with cellulite. If massager is uncomfortable, massaging with your hands (without massager) can also be effective.

Tightening the wrap may seem foreign at first but it’s very simple. To tighten, simply undo the Velcro with your right  hand and pull the outer layer of the wrap to your left. At the same time, use your left hand to pull the inner layer of the wrap to the right. Re-adhere the Velcro.

Do not treat the same area twice in a day. However, this is totally fine if you want to treat separate areas.  You may however need extra gel packs.

No, we do not recommend this.  Please read all safety documentation before use.

The belt was actually designed around a smaller person’s body, but we also designed it so it can fit all body types.  Also – once it is on – it is surprisingly less large than you may think. The excess neoprene is actually beneficial towards insulating the treated area.

No.  Our caliper is fully functional and does not include a slider.

Please be patient. Our product usually takes much longer than 1 month to see results.  Results truly show at 10-12 weeks.  Some users do see some initial results at around 3 weeks, but for most people it will not.  Your body has to flush out the damaged fat cells via the lymphatic system, and it takes a significant amount of time.

We offer a 90 day money back guarantee, as long as you contact us directly.  We sell our products on many channels (ie eBay, Amazon) and they are often restricted by a 30-day guarantee.  If you have any issues, simply contact us directly.  We are willing to refund up to 90-days post-purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions - Gel Packs

It is impossible for the gel packs to freeze “less” with age.  For that to happen, they would have to have an increase in their antifreeze element (propylene glycol).

We have had numerous customers send us their gel packs, insisting that they no longer can freeze them.  In 100% of the cases, the gel packs froze completely fine within our freezers.

Gel packs freezing properly depends on where the gel packs are within the freezer (please try to spread them out), how often you’re opening the freezer, and if they are laid flat or not.

Please remember the gel packs can wick heat from each other so it is best to have them spread out.  Also make sure your freezer is set its coldest possible setting.

We can replace gel packs upon request, but please remember this is rarely a solution.

Yes, absolutely. Fat freezing, also known as cryolipolysis, is more about cooling the skin and underlying fat to a temperature range (and maintaining it). Once the area is cooled, the gel packs serve as a mechanism to wick heat from the tissue (and maintain it at a steady temperature) while the neoprene insulates the area. Simply wear the belt as instructed. It is completely normal.

We recommend 24 hours.  This is simply so you can see what they look like when they are fully frozen.  The gel packs may freeze quicker than this, but we recommend 24 hours for the first time simply so you can see how they should look when fully frozen.    They should turn a lighter color of blue and be fairly solid but also slightly flexible.

Yes. The gel packs are formulated differently than regular gel packs. They have been designed to do three things: reach ideal temperatures (for fat cell apoptosis), wick and distribute body heat, and remain flexible when frozen. They have undergone extensive testing (with a thermocouple) to make sure they reach optimal fat freezing temperatures while avoiding risk of frostbite. They contain proprietary non-toxic ingredients.

Please contact us and we will happily send you a replacement.  Small punctures can be easily fixed with packaging tape – however, we will replace anything.  Just email us at

Unfortunately, we do not yet have them for sale. We can however look into sending extra gel packs upon request. Simply email us and we will help you out.

When are gel packs are fully frozen, they will be whitish in color and firm (yet slightly flexible).  They should look like this.