Warnings And Precautions - Isavera - Fat Freezing System
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Warnings and Precautions

We highly recommend consulting with your physician before using our product. Please also be aware of the following:
  • Do not use while sleeping.
  • Always consult with your physician before embarking on any fat loss program. This is especially important for those who are breastfeeding, pregnant, or have any preexisting medical conditions.
  • Discontinue immediately if you feel faint, dizzy or extreme pain.
  • In rare cases, some individuals may react to the fabrics in our product. If you have a rash or reaction, please consult a physician immediately.
  • Our product is not designed for those who are significantly overweight. Ideal candidates are ~20% near their ideal weight.
  • Do not put excess weight on gel packs as gel packs can rupture. Contact us for a replacement.
  • Do not use on areas were skin is insensitive.
  • Use as directed – never use for purposes other than which it is intended. Misuse could lead to injury or death.
  • Never apply our products in anyone but yourself.
  • Those who have difficulty sensing cold should not use this product. Never use if you have diabetes, poor blood circulation, Raynaud’s phenomenon, rheumatoid arthritis, panniculitus, cryoglobulinemia, Buerger’s disease, paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria or cold uticaria.
  • On the applied areas, you may experience a mild numbness, redness, tingling sensation, and slight tenderness to the touch.
Note: Our products are not intended to treat any medical condition or cure any diseases. They are not intended as a weight loss devices, or to be used for purposes other than as indicated. Always consult with your physician first.