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Isavera Classic

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The original Isavera fat-freezing system, this wrap secures around your waist to target love handles, lower belly fat, and any other stubborn spots with gentle compression to give your waist that lean, toned look.

Your Classic includes:

  • 1 comfortable, adjustable neoprene stomach wrap
  • 3 dual-action gel packs
  • Fat caliper and tape measure to track progress
  • Massage tool

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Isavera Classic

Isavera Classic

$99.99 $109.99

How To: Isavera Classic

Getting started with Isavera

Step 1

Place our special formulated gel packs into the pockets on the wrap.

Step 2

Tightly wrap the cold-isolation wraps around a stubborn fat area (belly, thighs, etc.)

Step 3

Wear 60 minutes per day, 3x per week for 10-12 weeks. Some individuals can see initial changes in 3 weeks.

Step 4

Enjoy a reduction in the appearance of fat.

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