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Everyone’s body is unique.  Despite efforts in diet and exercise, some fat can be impossible to eliminate. Until now, the main option for these problem areas has been the painful, often risky procedure of liposuction.

Our products use the latest in proven, fat-freezing science to help destroy fat and burn calories.. without diet or exercise.

Far fetched? It’s not. Cold thermogenesis and fat freezing are medical phenomenona that have been thoroughly researched and proven by science in hundreds of studies.

Place our special formulated gel packs into the pockets on the wrap.

Wear 60 min per day, 3x per week for 10 weeks.  Some results can be seen at 3 weeks.

Tightly wrap the cold-isolation wrap around a stubborn fat area (belly, thighs, etc).

Enjoy a permanent reduction in fat.  Full results can be seen in 3 months.

Fat Loss Has Never Been Easier

Research has shown that fat cells can be destroyed by cold temperatures. Our wraps use the science of fat freezing and cold thermogenesis to target stubborn fat.

Using our wraps is simple: freeze the gel packs, insert into the pockets, and wrap around the problem area.

In time, your subcutaneous fat will be cooled to a point that causes cell death (apoptosis), resulting in an eventual reduction in your fat mess.

At the same time, the cold exposure will spike your metabolism and burn additional calories, resulting in overall fat loss in the remainder of your body.

Add our products to a consistent diet and exercise routine, and you’ll suddenly find your weight loss journey to be exponentially easier.

Anatomy of Our Fat-Freezing Wrap

Target Stubborn Fat in Two Powerful Ways

Method #1: Fat Freezing

(Destroy Fat Cells)

1. Fat cells, 2. Fat cells exposed to direct cold, 3. Fat cells begin to die, 4. Fat cells are removed naturally and fat loss occurs

After puberty, most of our fat cells are developed and stay with us for the remainder of our lives.

Most of us have dense areas of fat cells, causing 'problem' fat areas. Diet and exercise can help us lose fat all over, but cannot specifically target these areas.

Until recently, the only solution was to remove the cells through the process of liposuction.

Cold Temperatures Can Destroy Fat Cells

In the 1980's, several doctors noticed children developing dimples from sucking on popsicles. It was later discovered that the children's fat cells were damaged from the cold of the popsicle, therefore causing the area to retain less fat.

Fat cells freeze at a higher temperature than other cells. When frozen for an extended period of time, crystallization occurs within the cells, causing damage. Once destroyed, they are slowly excreted from the body over several weeks.

Benefits of Fat Freezing

By placing the wrap directly on the fatty area, you will directly destroy a portion of fat cells, creating a spot-reduction effect – destroying them forever. In addition to this, our wraps will help you:

  • Contour and Tone Outer and Inner Thighs
  • Shed Back, Belly and Lovehandle Fat
  • Smoothen the Dimple Formation of Cellulite
  • Aid in Muscle Recovery (Post Workout)
  • Increase Willingness to Live Healthy Lifestyle
  • Enhance Your Self Esteem – Look and Feel Your Absolute Best

Scientific Research

A few key studies played a major role in the development of our product. We deducted that fat freezes at higher temperatures than is used by commercial fat freezing machines, and therefore can be achieved by gel packs.

  1. Jessica A. Preciado, John W. Allison, 59. The effect of cold exposure on adipocytes: Examining a novel method for the non-invasive removal of fat, Cryobiology, volume 57, issue 3, 2008, pages 327, ISSN 00112240, doi 10.1016/j.cryobiol.2008.10.060
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  3. GH. Sasaki, N. Abelev, A. Tevez-Ortiz, Noninvasive selective cryolipolysis and reperfusion recovery for localized natural fat reduction and contouring., Aesthet Surg J, volume 34, issue 3, pages 420-31, Mar 2014, doi 10.1177/1090820X13520320, PMID 24598865

You can see more scientific research here.

Method #2: Cold Thermogenesis

(Shrink Fat Cells)

1. Enlarged fat cells before weight loss, 2. Shrunken fat cells as a result of a caloric deficit.

When we exercise or diet, our bodies use stored calories as energy. If we consume less than our baseline calories (caloric deficit), we lose body fat.

Sadly, we do not actually lose fat cells (unless we engage in fat-freezing or liposuction), they just shrink in size.

When we eat a surplus of calories, and do not exercise to burn them away, calories are stored as excess fat, expanding the fat cells.

Cold Temperatures Can Shrink Fat Cells

Aside from diet (caloric deficit) and exercise, it has recently been acknowledged that cold exposure (cold thermogenesis) is a potent fat burner.  In other words, it aids in shrinking fat cells.

Why? Because the body constantly strives to keep its temperature at 98.6 degrees F. When it's exposed to cold, it will do all it can to retain this temperature -- resulting in a very large caloric burn.

Benefits of Cold Exposure

Aside from burning calories via cold (cold thermogenesis), cold exposure can have a multitude of benefits. Wearing our wraps may aid in:

  • Activation of Brown Fat – Most body fat is white fat. Brown fat burns calories to produce heat, therefore reducing white fat. (R) Obese people lack brown fat
  • Regulation of Blood Sugar – Cold temperatures can increase adiponectin, which burns fat, lowers blood sugar, transports glucose into muscle, is anabolic, repairs muscles and helps recovery (R)(R2).
  • Immune System Improvements – According to studies, cold exposure can increase “killer cell” count and activity (R).
  • Reduction in Inflammation – One study has shown that cold exposure increases the production of adiponectin, a protein that aids in the reduction of inflammation.
  • Increased Lifespan – Studies found that flies and worms lived twice as long when exposed to cold (R)(R2). In one study, rats exposed to cold ate 50% more than their counterparts, weighed less, and lived 10% longer (R).
  • Improved Sleep Quality – One study showed that fluctuations in temperatures is a critical regulator in sleep cycles (R).  Another showed that participants to cold exposure achieved twice the amount of restorative sleep (R).
  • Increased Bone Health – Since brown fat declines with age, some researchers hypothesize that lower brown fat coincides with age decline in bone health. Since cold exposure increases brown fat, it could be an important asset (R).


Scientific Research

A few key studies played a major role in the development of our product. We deducted that gel packs can adequately trigger cold thermogensis.

  1. Alessandra L. Gasparetti, Cláudio T. de Souza, Márcio Pereira-da-Silva, Rachel L. G. S. Oliveira, Mário J. A. Saad, Everardo M. Carneiro, Lício A. Velloso, Cold Exposure Induces Tissue-Specific Modulation of the Insulin-Signalling Pathway in Rattus Norvegicus, The Journal of Physiology, Oct 2003, doi 10.1113/jphysiol.2003.05036924598865
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  3. Vallerand AL, Jacobs I., Influence of cold exposure on plasma triglyceride clearance in humans, Metabolism, Nov 1990, PMID: 2233284

You can see more scientific research here.

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The above examples were also engaged in an exercise and diet routine. Individual results may vary.

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  • No Exercise Required

    We recommend diet and exercise at all times, but it is suggested you are at regular body temperature for fat freezing.

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    Fat-freezing and cold thermogenesis target fat in a whole new way.

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    Clinic based fat-freezing procedures cost a small fortune. Get similar results at a fraction of the price.

  • Use Forever

    Our product is made with durable materials and can be used again and again.

  • Tune Up Your Health

    Enjoy benefits the cold thermogenesis: improving adrenal function, thyroid improvement, inflamation reduction, sleep improvements, lower blood sugar. (see studies)

  • Skyrocket Metabolism

    Aside from fat freezing, our wraps spike caloric burn. Burn calories without exercise.

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  1. Individual results may vary. Please consult a physician.

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